Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Infant Hats And Toddler Up To Size 10 Hats Read To Ship

10 % of all Sales this month will go to help Roxana and her family. You can read more here http://theshrumfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/

Here are some hats I have ready to ship. The first to are Infant hats and will fit up to a 1 yr. old. They are $10 ea. + shipping.


The Green Hat W/ Yellow Gerber Daisy will Fit Toddler up to a 7/8. It is $12 + Shipping.

The Orange Hat is $12 + Shipping. This is a great hat for Halloween and for the Fall! This hat will fit toddler up to a size 10.

The Black Holiday Hat is $12 = Shipping It will fit toddler up to a size 5/6

The Red hat is also a great Holiday hat! It will fit toddler up to a size 5/6. This hat is $12 + shipping.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Have 1 Infant Hat Ready To Ship

I am working on a bunch of new hats.... but here is one infant hat that I have ready to go. This hat is $10 (+ $3 for shipping.) This will fit newborn up to 1 yrs. If you want it e-mail me at karlton5@juno.com

Friday, September 10, 2010

UPDATE Halloween - 1 Fairy or Fairy Princess Ready To Ship - Hot Pink And Black


.... All proceeds from the Fairy or Fairy Princess Costume will go to help out the little Mayan Girl we sponsor to go to School. She and her family are suffering after floods and mud slides that have effected Guatemala. You can read more here http://theshrumfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/

Halloween is not that far away! Do you have your little Princesses Costume? If not you don't want to miss out on one of these! I can not even begin to tell you how many costumes I made last year! But the Fairy and the Fairy Princess was my best sellers! I only have 1 ready to ship now. It Is Hot Pink and Black (tutu) w/ Hot Pink Wings. If you want it let me know! karlton5@juno.com
The Set is $30 + shipping fees.
I am taking a couple of orders so if you do not like the Black and Hot Pink let me know and I will see what other colors I can do.

This is what the Black and Hot Pink Tutu will look like......

and these are what the Hot Pink Wings will look like.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Need A Baby Gift???

Or does your precious new little on need a Winter Hat? These hats will last your little one on into the Spring.
I have These Infant Hats only in the Light Pink right now. Here are a few samples of bows that I have for them. I. These are all removable Hair Bows. They can be worn in the hair or you can put your own bows in the hat to coordinate each outfit. I also have the Head Bands in the 3 colors pictured below. The infant hats are $10 (+3 shipping) and the Head Bands are $3 ($1 shipping). If you buy more then 1 item I will only charge your . 50 cents - $1 more per item. If you see anything you like e-mail me @ karlton5@juno.com

1. Pink Hat with Green Mum

                                                2. Pink Hat w/ Crochet Flower - SOLD

3. Pink Hat w/ Brown Flower - SOLD

4. Pink Hat w/ Black Bow - SOLD

4. Light Pink, Hot Pink, and Brown Head Bands

The Green Hat

1. Green Hat w/ White Daisy Green Center- SOLD

2. Green Hat w/ Pink Antique English Rose - SOLD

                                            3. The Green Hat w/ Orange Crochet Flower - SOLD

These are one of a kind hats! This green hat w/ flower hair bow are $12 (+ $3 shipping fee). They fit toddler up to a size 6/7. The Pink Flower Bow is my hand made Antique English Rose. I make each petal and in the center there are glass beads.

 If you want one of these hats e-mail me at karlton5@juno.com . Hurry it won't last long!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Infant - Age 10/11 Head Bands

Get your little sweetie all ready for the Fall with a new Flower Bow Head Band. I only have the Brown in the Head Bands right now. These will fit Infants - Size 10/11 year old.  These are Flower Hair Bows so they are removable and can be worn alone. These are Priced at $7 + $1 shipping. You choose which Flower you want. If you are interested in any of these e-mail me @ karlton5@juno.com

Friday, September 3, 2010

Only 2 Left

I only have 2 Crochet Flower Bow Hats left. Let me know if you want one! karlton5@juno.com These hats are $12 (+ $3 shipping) If you order more then 1 you will only be Charged $1 more for the next item/s. Both Hats fit from toddler - size 7/8.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Black Hat - You Chose The Flower Bow

 Here are 5 different flower bows for the black hat. The Black with the Red Flower w/ Jewel is one of best sellers for the holiday! You can chose which flower you would like. The Small White Flower ( is my) Antique English Rose, White Carnation, Large White Flower, and then I have the Daisy w/ the Jewel. The Hat is $7 and the Bows are $5 a piece (+ $3 Shipping).

 E-mail me at  karlton5@juno.com if you see one you want.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Hats

   Here are a few hats that I have ready for the fall! These hats are the in thing right now! You don't want to miss out! All my Flower Bows are hand made by me. All  Flower bows are Hair bows and are removable. So your child can just wear the bow. You can also change out your own bows with these hats to match  different outfits. My shipping is $3 but if you buy more then 1 item I will only charge you $1 more per item for the shipping.

The hats are as priced below:

1. Black w/ my NEW Antique English Rose. The Hat is a Toddler size - $12
2. SOLD- Pink w/ the Crochet Flower Bow. The Hat will fit up to a size 7/8 - $12
3. SOLD- Orange w/ the Crochet Flower Bow. The Hat will fit up to an Adult - $12
4. SOLD- Chocolate Brown w/ Large Yellow/Orange Flower Bow. This Hat is a Toddler size - $13
5. SOLD- Chocolate Brown w/ Orange/ Red Flower Bow. This Hat will fit up to Teen - $13
6. Red w/ White Flower Bow. This Hat is a Toddler size - $12
7. Purple w/  Large Purple Gerber Daisy. This Hat fits up to a size 7/8 - $13

If you are interested in any of these hats e-mail me at karlton5@juno.com

STAY TUNED...............I am working on taking pictures of more products!