Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hurry!!! Today Is The Last Day......

to get your 10% off of 1 ,and 20% off of 2 or more flower bows and headbands. Prices are original they do not reflect the Sale price.

I only have light pink, green, and blue left in the headbands. $3 ea. or add it to a bow for $2 more.

I am restocked on all colors of the med. Gerber Daisy. $6 ea.

These flower bows are $5-$7 ea. I am out of the single rose.

The large Gerber Daisy is $8 ea. I am out of the orange.
If you are interested in any of these bows and/or headbands let me know today. You can e-mail me at

Starting Tomorrow .........I will start selling my beanie hats and sets!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming Oct. 1st..........

These hats are $9. I am taking pre-orders now.

You can add a bow to them for $6.....

or a flower bow from $5-$6.

Here is a new fall flower with matching cream headband. Set is $ 8.

Another new fall flower. $6

I will start selling my hats Oct. 1st. I have them in brown, black, pink, and white. If you want me to put you on the waiting list let me know. Leave a message here or you can e-mail me at .

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Only Have 1 Fairy or Fairy Princess Set Left!!!!

I only have one Fairy or Fairy Princess Set left in Purple as seen here. If you are interested let me know... This set won't last long. You can e-mail me at

(Lilee is wearing a onesie from The Children's Place.)
~ This set is $27 for the Fairy..... It comes with the Tutu and Wings.
or $30 for the Fairy Princess Set witch also comes with the Crown.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Tutu's

I am taking orders for Halloween Tutu sets . I only have 4 spots left so let me know if you are interested. These can be worn with onesies (long sleeves or short),leotards, any Halloween shirts or even a cute bathing suit. Lilee wears hers with an Old Navy onesie.

* You can find leotards at Target and Walmart.

(I took these pictures in Black and White and Sepia so that you can imagine your own colors.)

~The Cute Witch comes with a Tutu and the Hat. I can get the hat in purple and light almost neon green. The tutu will be black and purple or black and green to match the hat. This set is $27 + shipping. They have the cutest Witch's broom made out of branches at Target for $3.99. If you want this set I would go and get the broom fast!!!

~The Pretty Princess come with a Crown and Tutu. You can choose the 2 colors. This set is $27 + shipping. You can dress this up as much as you want with jewelry.

~The Fairy comes with Wings and a Tutu. You choose your colors. (Look hard there are wings in

this picture.) This set is $27 + shipping. You can also pair this with a crown and be a Fairy Princess!

(There is yellow in this picture, my flash just made it to light.)

~The Lady Bug and The Bumble will come with the Wings, Tutu, and a Antenna Headband.

The Lady Bug Tutu will be red and black, and The Bumble Bee Tutu will be yellow and black.

These sets are $30 ea. + shipping.

~The Ballerina is just the Tutu. You can choose up to 3 colors.

~I can also make a Tutu that supports your Favorite Team colors!!!

Tutu Prices are :

Infants Tutu's - $12 for for up to 2 colors and 3 colors $14. ( You can see my infant tutu picture several post below.)

Single Color Tutu- $22

2 Colors- $24

3 Colors- $25

You can E-mail me at if you are interested in any of these. You can pay by check or Paypal. All Shipping is $5.