Thursday, April 15, 2010

NEW ITEMS!!!!!- Updated!

I am finally posting pictures of all the flower headbands that I have been working on. I had these ready for Easter but never got around to taking pictures of them. I am only charging $2 shipping so take advantage of it. No matter how big the order is I will only charge $2 for shipping. Can't beat that! This is only for the month of April!!! Better hurry and place a order, these won't last long! Here are some of my newest creations. If there is anything you are interested in please e-mail me at .

1. The Daisy headband w/ jewel $5.

2. SOLD- The large Gerber Daisy headband $7.

The fuchsia Gerber Daisy headband w/ jewel $5.

SOLD - The fuzzy Gerber Daisy headband $5.

SOLD- The Med. Aqua flower headband $6.

SOLD- The purple flower w/ jewel headband $5.

SOLD - The large Gerber Daisy flower w/ jewel is a removable hair clip w/ jewel that comes w/ a stretchy headband $9.

SOLD- The white Carnation removable hair bow comes w/ a stretchy headband $7.

I still have a couple of hats left..... They are precious for spring! The pink hat w/ removable white flower hair clip $ 12.

The purple hat w/ removable large purple Gerber Daisy hair clip w/ jewel $14.