Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Shipping Today Only!

I am offering FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY on the 4 Christmas Hats that I have left and ready to ship!YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT!!!! See pictures below of the other 3 hats that I have left. I will be making Newborn - Infant Christmas Hats this week.....So stay tuned!

This hat is $14. It will fit 1 yr - 4 yrs old. This hat has a removable hair bow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Infant Hats

I am working on some Christmas Hats for Newborn-Infants.... So stay tuned.... I have one now that will fit infant - toddler. Size small. This hat comes with a removable hairbow, it is $12. If you are interested left me know.

I am down to 3 Christmas Hats left. If you see one you want don't wait... it will be gone. This is the last of the larger Christmas hats. I will only be making the newborn - infant sizes. For prices and sizes scroll down.

I have this black hat in white too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

~ UPDATE On Items Left~

These are all the Christmas Gift sets and Gloves that I have left. I am finally posting all the pictures... ya!!! So if you see anything you like let me know quickly!

The green hat is $14 (+ shipping) it fits ages 1- 7/8. This is the perfect Elegant Christmas Hat! SOLD

 The gloves are $5. If you buy them w/ a hat they are $4. They would look really cute with either Green hat.

Make sure you look through several post below to see all my Christmas Hats, Gloves, and Tutu's. I am still taking orders for Christmas Tutu's.

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Christmas Hats Ready To Ship

I made 11 Christmas Hat sets today. I took a few pictures but need to take some more. Here are a few more hats a hat and glove sets. I will be adding more tomorrow. These make great Christmas gifts and the perfect touch to your little ones Christmas outfit. If you see anything you are interested in let me know quickly. These are going fast!

 The White Polka Dot and Stripes Hat fits 1 yr - 5/6. $14 (+ shipping)

The Black Polka Dot and Stripes hat will fit 1 yr - size 6/7. It is $14 (+ shipping)

The White Naughty and Nice hat is $12 (+ shipping). It fits 1 yr - 4 yrs.

The Black Snowman Hat and Glove set is $16 (+shipping) This hat set fits toddler- 6/7.

 All 3 of these hats below will fit toddler - size 6/7. They are $12 each + shipping. They each come with a removable flower hair bow.  If you are interested in any of these that I have left e-mail me at

This Green Hat is the color of the hat below, the flash made it lighter. It comes with the Red and Green Polka dotted Hair bow. It is $12 ( + shipping) will fit toddler- size 7/8. 

The green, black, and red hat comes with a winter white flower hair bow.  These hats are $12 ea. (+ shipping). These hats will fit age 1 - 5/6.

The red hat comes with a white flower $12 (+ shipping). Fits size 1 yr. - 5/6.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Tutu's

I am taking a few more Tutu orders for Christmas. I can do about any color...Here is one of many Christmas Tutu's I made last year in Red, Green, and White. I can also do solid colors, add flowers to them as pictured below. This tutu was made for Christmas Pictures. They also make great gifts. I can make then for newborns to size 6/7.

2 Christmas Sets Left

UPDATE- I only have 1Christmas Hat Sets left for  now....Please let me know if you want it. They won't last long! Keep checking back...I am working on more!

Black Hat and Glove Set - SOLD

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1 Infant Hat Left- SOLD

Who wants it? I know this is not a Christmas Hat but it would make a great Christmas Gift. It is also a great Baby gift. This hat will fit infant- 9-12 months. The hat is $10 (+ shipping). It comes with a removable hair bow so you really are getting a 2-in-1 gift. SOLD

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Few Christmas Sets

Here are few Christmas Hat Sets that I have ready to ship. If there is something you want please let me know ASAP! These do not stay around long. As I am typing this I have already sold 2 hats. I am working on some more so do not worry. My hats are mostly one of a kind so if you see one you like it is probably the only one like it. Sometimes I can make more then one of the same. Just ask me....  You can e-mail me at

I also take special requests!

I am still taking a few more Tutu order for Chistmas...

Green Hat w/ Flower Hair Bow $12 + ($3 shipping fee) is SOLD

The Black Hat and Glove Set is $17 + ($3 shipping fee). This hat fits toddler to a size 5/6.  These Sets make the perfect compliment to your child's winter coat or Christmas outfit. The bows on the hats are hair bows and are removable they can be worn in the hair by themselves.

The Red Hat and Glove Set also fits toddler - 5/6. This set is $17 +($3shipping fee).