Friday, October 30, 2009

UPDATE- 2 More Spots Open For Christmas Tutu's

I only have 2 more spot available for Christmas Tutu's. So if you want one for a gift or a Christmas outfit I need to know now.... You can contact me at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pink Hat

Three different looks with the pink hat. Each set sales for $15 (shipping included). Don't need shipping you can e-mail me at for the price. The hat alone is $9.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be A Follower of Cutie Patutuz!!!

Now you can be a follower of Cutie Patutuz!!! See side bar and click on .... Hope you will!!!!!!!!! I would love to know how many people even look at this blog! ;0)

More Cutie Patutuz Beauties!!!

Sweet Bella pretty as a picture in my pink and aqua hat set.

A set of 10 yr. old triplets rocking out my hats! This brings me sheer pleasure , seeing my products on my little customers! This makes me love my job even more!!! I now have hats that will fit infants, toddlers- 5/6, and 6T- adults. Yes, I have plenty of adults buying my hats! I wear the brown and black and if I can get myself a white, I will wear a white too! Maybe I will even rock out a flower or 2 ;0).

Miss Olivia looking beautiful in my hat set!

Thanks girls for taking pictures for me in your hats! You sure made my day!!!!

NEW!!!! I Now Carry Infant Beanie Hats....

I only carry white so far. If you are interested in another color let me know. I have this pictured with the toddler- 5/6 hat. The infant hat fits newborns - 12 mo. The hat pictured is $12 and the toddler hat is $15 (shipping included). I also have a pink flower bow just like the green one pictured. You can match any other bow with this infant hat. I just paired it with the small green. The larger flowers will be $15 for the set. You can e-mail me at if you are interested in any of these hats.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Newest Color Hat.....

So how do you like the newest color? This hat will look cute with pink and brown too! I have a pink carnation flower that would look really cute with this hat. This hat set is $15 (shipping included). Let me know if you want one!!!!

I have a new shipment of brown hats in. If you are interested let me know I have all sizes even for adults too! You know they don't last long!!!

These will be great gifts for Christmas!!!! And of course my tutu's too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Tutu Gifts

Its that time of the year..... Christmas is only a little over 10 wks. away! Want the perfect gift for that special little girl! My tutu's will sure put a smile on their face!! This is a tutu I made for Valentines Day , but it also would be great for Christmas too! I can do just about any color. Don't know what color you want... here are a few I have done in the past, or I am making now.

1. Lots of.... Hot Pink and Light Pink - Most Popular
2. Dark Purple and Light Pink
3. Red and White
4. Hot Pink, Light Pink, and White
5. Solid Light Pink
6. Purple with Hot Pink
7. Solid Black
8. Black and Purple
9. Solid Tinker Bell Green
10. Black and White w/ Red Roses and Red Ribbon - Formal
11. Orange and Black
12. Purple and Tinker Bell Green
13. Purple, Red, White
14. Purple, Red, Light Pink

I can also make :
Green and White
Green and Red or
Green, Red and White

I am filling up quickly on my tutu orders , so make sure you get your name on the list before it is to late! These tutu's are custom made for your child so I will need the child's waist measurement.

I make Infants- size 6X.

Contact me at

Another Shipment of Brown Hats

I got in a shipment of brown hats yesterday, which were already 1/2 sold before they got here. I have 3 hats left as of this morning. I put together a few hat sets (above) if you see one that you are interested in let me know now. I sale out of a shipment of brown in 1 days time. The middle hat has a beige flower on it, not white. The lower picture has a white flower bow.

Here are a few more flower bows that I have made that will go with the brown hat. The hats are $9 and the sets (hat and bow) are $15, this does include shipping. If you do not need shipping let me know and I will give you the price.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Business Cards!

I finally had my business cards made! They should come in about a week.... I am sooo excited! I love to get things in the mail, even if it is just my shipments. =0)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Halloween Hat

The Halloween Hat will look great with your little one's Halloween outfit. My daughter is wearing hers and it is precious with her Halloween shirt and Crocks!!! The set is $15 (includes shipping).

Christmas Ribbon Hat

This would be a great hat for a child's Christmas outfit. Children's Place has adorable christmas outfits that this would match perfect! This set sells for $16.00 ( includes shipping)

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Hat Sets Available

My new ribbon hat..... $12 (all prices include shipping)

Ribbon hat with bow $ 17

Brown hats with a few bows that I have available to match. Hat $9 , Hat w/ bow $15.
My brown hats are on order again. I sold out of my shipment in one day ,yesterday. If you want one of these let me know now so I can hold one for you.
If you do not need shipping contact me and I can give you the prices.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hats That I Carry

These are the colors of the beanie hats that I carry. Black, white, pink, yellow, orange, red, and brown. If there is a color that you are wanting that I do not carry, let me know and I will see if I can order it.
These hats fit from toddler - teens. They are $9 ea. ( shipping included)

Hats Sets That Are Available ........

and ready to ship..... All 4 of these of these sets are $15 ea. (prices include shipping).

The pinks hats with white and aqua flower bow.

The brown hat with the fuchsia bow.

The brown hat with the fuchsia flower bow.

I make all bows, and flower bows. If you are interested in any of these sets you can e-mail me at

Happy Customers

Cuties who love my hats...............

My Flower Bows...........

and headbands.........

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Pre-Orders For Tutu's

I am taking pre-orders now for Nov. and Dec. These make great Birthday ( I can make a birthday princess set w/ tiara) and Christmas gifts!!
I make Infant all the way up to Size 6 tutu's for children, and Doll tutu's. Does your child have a favorite doll that needs a matching tutu? My doll tutu's are $10. My infant tutu's are $12 for 1 color, $14 for 2 colors and $15 for 3 colors. You do not need to pay until closer to time you need your tutu. I am just putting names on my list now, because I will only be making a certain number. Better hurry, the list is filling up quickly!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Am Selling My Beanie Hats And Sets......

As of today my hats and sets are available for purchase. These hats below are ready for shipping. (All prices include shipping.) Mix and match your own set. There are other flower bows in pictures from previous posts too if you don't see any you like here. You can purchase a Hat for $9. I am waiting for more white and orange hats to come in. If you don't need shipping contact me for prices.

These hats will be great for this cool weather and make a great winter hat! Have your child's winter coat yet, buy a hat to match. These make great baby shower, birthday, and Christmas gifts too! They are this years fashion trend!!!

These sets are $15.

The Green / Brown glittery flower bow set is $16.

The infant beanie hat is $12 and the headband set is $6.

New Fall Flowers.... they run $5 small, $6 med., $7 large.

If you are interested in any of these you can contact me (Mary Ann) at