Friday, January 29, 2010

UPDATED - My Hot Pink Tutu And Hat / Glove Sets

Here are a couple of matching sets I have put together. These are ready for shipping and would be perfect Birthday or Valentine Day gifts. Buying these as sets will also save you a few $'s. You can also purchase these separately. All prices include the shipping fees. If you do not need shipping e-mail me for the price or if you are interested in any of these items . All bows are hair bows and are removable for further use.

SOLD - The Hot Pink Tutu and Hat w/ Black Bow is $40.
If sold separately ...........The tutu is $29............

SOLD - the hot pink hat w/ black bow is $15.

SOLD ......The Hat and Glove set is $21 .........

SOLD - the Hat is $17............... and the gloves are $5.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are the Hats I have left, I only have 1 of ea. pictured. The price is listed under each hat w/ the shipping fee included. The price listed is the price that you will pay. Don't miss out on your Valentine Day Hat Set. If you are interested in one of them e-mail me at .

SOLD - The black and hot pink polka dot hat and glove set is now.... $21

SOLD - The hot pink hat w/ black bow is now......... $15

The Pink and Black Ribbon Hat is now.... $16

SOLD - The brown and Pink ribbon w/ flower bow is now..... $17

SOLD - The white and light pink polka dot hat is now...... $16

SOLD - The White and Red Ribbon and Flower hat is now........ $17

The red w/ white flower hat is now..... $15

The red w/ white carnation flower hat is now....... $15

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Day Gift Sets.... SAVINGS

You can choose a hat or headband with the tutu as a matching set and SAVE MONEY. This would make a great Valentine Day gift set that will keep on giving. My tutu's can be worn for pictures, dress up, parties, or just fun. We still have plenty of cold weather left for the hats. They are very practical not to mention just plain cute! I will only charge for the shipping on the tutu so it will save you a couple of bucks of the price of the hats. The double color tutu is $24 + $5 for shipping for all.

SOLD - buy the flower head band with a tutu , the set will be $35 total.

or the white hat w/red ribbon and red flower w/ tutu set for $ 42 total ........

or add the red hat w/ white flower w/ tutu for $ 40..........

or add the red hat w/ white carnation w/ tutu for $40.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Here is what is left of my Valentine Sets....... There is only one of each of these so if you see something you like let me know quickly they won't last long!! All bows and flower bows are removable hair bows. So when you are through with the hat for the yr. the bow can still get some use out of them! The prices on here include shipping fees. If you do not need shipping ask me for the price. You can contact me at

The Black and Fuchsia Polka Dot Hat and Glove Set is $21. This will fit toddler- size 4t.

This 2 pc. Headband set is $7. Fits infants - adults.

The White and Light Pink Polka Dot Hat is $16. This hat will fit toddler- 6.

The White and Red Set is $17 ... this will fit toddler - 10 yr. old

SOLD - The Pink and White set is $15... will fit toddler- 6-7 yr.

This Pink and Black Polka Dot Hat set is $16.... will fit size toddler- 6-7 yr.

This Red and White set is $15.... will fit toddler- 6-7yr.

SOLD - Princess Hat set is $15.... will fit toddler- 4t.

Hot Pink and Black set is $15..... will fit toddler- 6-7 yr.

SOLD - Brown and Pink set is $16...... will fit toddler- up to 10 yr old.

HAT ONLY.... Gloves Sold Out!!!! This BROWN AND FUCHSIA Hat Set is $17...... fits toddler - 10-11 yr old.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Have Opened My Doors........

As of today I am back open!!!! I am now taking Orders for Hats and Tutu's for Valentine's Day! Better hurry to get your name put on the list if you are interested..... It is filling up fast! Here are a few choices of colors that I can make for my tutu's.

~red and white

~pink and white (hot or light pink)

~hot, light pink, and white

~hot pink and black

~black and red

~or any color that you want!

* for an extra fee I can add 3 roses to your tutu. as seen in the picture in the upper right side of my bar.

I am also making Tinker Bell Tutu's that have the Tinkerbell Ribbon. I will be making those in a lime green and light pink or lime green and purple.

I am also working on my Valentines Day Hats. Here is one sample. Let me know if you are interested! These are perfect for as cold as it has been lately and will be for the next few months!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing In The New Year W/ Some Cuteness

I wanted to share some more of my little costumers with you...... and what my hats and tutu's are perfect for:
Professional pictures...........

Presents....................... (My Tinkerbell Tutu)

For Birthday Outfits............

For Play..............

For Christmas Outfits and Pictures......................

And for Dress Up..........