Saturday, January 29, 2011

I've Been Busy!!!! My New Products!

Here is what I have been working on lately! My Cheetah Onsies and Monogram Flowers......I Love these Onesies!!!!! If you see anything you want contact me at .

The long sleeve and short sleeve onesies comes with a brown removable hair bow. It is attached to the onesie by a loop, it is easy to remove for washing. These short sleeve onesies are a size 3/6 month, and are $10. I only have 4 left of these. The long sleeve onesie is $12. I have 5 left of these. You can add the headband with matching  cheetah bow for $5 more, or the orange hat w/ matching cheetah bow for $10 more. Shipping is $3.

This Orange Hat w/ Brown Bow is $12 (+ $3 ship). It will fit new born to age 9 months.

My Monogram flowers are $7.50 ea. You can add this to a hat for $7 more ( + $3 shipping), or a matching head band for $2 more (+ $1 shipping). I have different styles to post soon!

Like I said I have been a busy bee and still have lots of New Products to post!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mommy Pins

My Mommy Pins have been selling really well! I have 1 each of the Fuchsia and Winter White. Now, I have included a new honor of Valentines Day. The one I am wearing in the first picture has glitter in the material to give it a sparkle. The one I am wearing in the 2nd picture, I outlined the petals in black. You can order one with or without the blackened edges. These make great Gifts and can be worn on your scarf, sweater, or coat. This is wear I get the most compliments. If you want to order one of these contact me at If you want one of the white or Fuchsia, better hurry they are almost gone. The Fuschia has SOLD!

Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW! Fun Spring Non- Slip Hair Clips $2 & $3

I just made these new little hair clips today. They are $2 for the High Heels and $3 a set, for the bugs. (+ $1 shipping). If you are interested in any of these you can contact me at  Hurry they won't last long!!! If you want all the bug sets They are $10, this includes shipping.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Last Small Hat 6 mo. - 3yrs old.

One Hat wore 2 different ways. This is my last small hat. I am offering it with 2 different hair bows. It is $12 for the hat and first bow, and an additional $5 for the 2nd bow + I am only charging $3 shipping for all. So the total for this little package is $20 (including shipping) you can't beat that! I am also making the hot pink flower hair bow into a mommy pin that way when your little one is not wearing it in her hat or hair you can wear it on your scarf, coat, or sweater. If you are interested in this set you can contact me at
This will make a great Baby or Valentine Gift!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

1 Big Girl Hat Left - Sold

This Hat will Fit Toddler - Adult. It is the last Large hat I have left. It is $12 (+ $3 shipping) It comes with a removable feather/flower hair bow. If you want this hat e-mail me at SOLD

Friday, January 21, 2011

Head Bands

I am posting all the headbands that I have left, plus my New flowers!

The first 2 head bands are New items. They are $6 ea. (+ $2 ship).

This group of head bands are my Newest addition! They will fit newborn - teenage. They come with a removable flower hair bow. The bands are comfortable and soft to wear. They are $7 ea. ( + $2 shipping).

The next 3 groups of head band will fit newborn - teenager also. You can mix and match and of these flowers and head bands. They are $7 (+ $2 shipping).



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Infant Valentines Gift Set

This matching hat and shoe set will fit size 3(shoe), the hat will fit 6 mo - 3T. This set is $22 + ($3 shipping).
If you buy this as a set you will save $2 on shipping. if you are intersted contact me at

Monday, January 17, 2011


This Infant hat fits newborn - 9 months old. It is $12 ( + $3 ship). Comes with a removable feather/flower hair bow SOLD

These feather flower headbands are perfect for Valentines its for a gift or an accessory to your little ones out fit. These head bands fit newborn - teenager. They are soft and comfortable to wear. They are $7 ea. (+ $2 shipping). BOTH SOLD

The shoes are an infants size 3. They are $10 ( + $3 for ship)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinks, Browns, and Greens

Both brown hats w/ pink flowers are infant hats. They both fit newborn to 9 months old. They come with a removable hair bow. They are $12 ea. (+ $3 shipping) If you see something you want e-mail me at


The 2nd Brown hat is SOLD.

Both flower head bands come with a removable flower hair bow. They fit newborn - age 8 yrs old. They are $7 ea. (+ $2 shipping)

The Top Picture Is SOLD.


Both  brown hats are $12 ea. (+ $3 for ship). It comes with a removable flower hair bow. This hat fits newborn up to 9 months old.

The brown on brown in SOLD.


All 3 of these head bands are $7 ea. (+ $2 ship) They fit newborn to age 8.

The brown on brown is SOLD.

The white hat is larger and will fit age 1 - 10 yrs. old. This hat is $12 (+ $3 ship). It comes with a removable flower hair bow. SOLD

2nd Batch For Valentines Day

Here is a 2nd batch of Valentines Day Hats, shoes, and head bands for newborns up to teenage. If you see anything you want e-mail me at  All shipping is $3, but will combine only charge $1 more per extra item bought.

I had to show off one of my Cutie Patutuz customers wearing her head band and matching shoes. Isn't she precious!

Both Infant Shoes are $10. The pink is a size 2 - SOLD and the black a size 3.

This Black Infant Hat w/ removable hair bow will fit newborn - 9 months old. It is $12 . SOLD

The white hat with red felt flower is $12 (+ $3 ship). This hat will fit age 1 to 10 yrs. SOLD

The red hat is for toddler up to teenage years. It comes with a removable hair bow. It is $12  SOLD

The black hat will fit  newborn - 9 months. It comes with a removable hair bow. It is $12.

The white hat fits toddler - age 10 yrs old. It comes with a removable hair bow. It is $12. SOLD

Both of these white hats also fits toddler - teenager. It comes with a removable hair bow, and is $12. BOTH SOLD

 The pink on pink head band is $7 and comes with a removable hair bow. SOLD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valentines Day At Cutie Patutuz- SOLD OUT

I have been working on getting some hats, headbands, and shoes, ready for Valentines Day. Here is what I have ready so far.....If you see anything you want e-mail me at These make the prefect accessory to your little sweetie's Valentine Outfit or a Great Gift!

The Hats w/ Flower Hair Bows are $12 each (+ $3 Shipping)
The Headbands w/ Flower Hair Bows are $7 ea. (+ $3 shipping)
Shoes Size 2 $10 (+ $3 ship)

 The White Hat w/ Pink Peony Flower is a Large will fit toddler - 10 yrs old.

Both Pink Hats are Small and will fit Newborn- 9 mo. SOLD

Both White Hats are large and will fit toddler up to 10 years old. SOLD

Both Pink below are a small and fit Newborn up to 9 mo. SOLD

All The red Hats will fit toddler- 8 years of age.


 Head bands for baby or big girl. SOLD

Shoes are a size 2 SOLD

 All these headbands will fit newborn up to age 7-8.