Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer Flower Head Bands And Hair Bows

This 2 1/2 Inch Head Band comes with a removable flower hair bow, that can be worn in the hair or on a crochet hat. It is $7.50 ( + $1.50 ship). SOLD

This large flower hair bow is also removable from this non-slip stretchy head band. It is $7 ( $1.50 ship). SOLD

This Black and White Polka Dotted Head Band is $4 ( + $1.50 Ship).

Both of these Gerber Daisy Hair Bows are $5 ( + $1 ship). I also have a orange crochet head band to match either of these flowers for $2 more, the ship is only .50 cents more ( pictured below).

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